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Uengawa Hisashi (total 11 items) 7020 yen (tax included 7722 yen)

Uengawa Hisashi (total 11 items) 7020 yen (tax included 7722 yen)

By using a coupon¥ 7722


  • 11items
  • 250persons
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day 15 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

You can enjoy the material which further upgraded Kawagoe Gozen.It is a course of unrivaled items using seasonal materials on a monthly basis! Taste the luxurious feeling in a private room, together with the magnificent view from the ground 142 m! Recommended for celebrations, entertaining, etc.

Course menu


· Pear


· Grilled kernel and pepper baked true length

· Sowa with autumn leaves

· Salmon winemaking

· Grilled chicken with eggplant

· Simmered Araba horseradish


· I will take care of you

Chrysanthemum red with red oyster

【Simmered food】

· Kamo dumpling

Kyoto Masaki tribean tree sprout


· Ceramic plate grilled mischief meat

Hakushi mushrooms golden needles onions


· Deep fried chicken with potatoes

Deep-fried shrimp fish

Big Mushroom Blue Tang Sesame Salt


· Fishing fish frost ginger vinegar

Radish red yellow paprika blue onion


· Chop with chrysanthemums

Tamakubetsu Yu Ginseng Tree Buds


· Chestnut rice


· Two kinds of flour


· Pear giant parsley

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