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【Wedding · Face-to-face】 Celebration sakura cherry blossoms 14040 yen (tax included 15444 yen)

【Wedding · Face-to-face】 Celebration sakura cherry blossoms 14040 yen (tax included 15444 yen)

15444 yen

tax included

  • 13items
  • 250persons
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Hospitality for both families will be an important day, hospitable with Kawako 's seasonal cuisine cuisine and superb views from the top floor of the building.You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine that changes every season.It is very luxurious with a baked snapper with red head and red rice.A perfect private room of digging up 142 meters above ground which is perfect for gifts and meetings can be used from 5 people.It is also available for weddings of up to 40 people.

Course menu

We arrange with ceremonial vessels and decorations.


· Kaobu sake

[With earlier]

· Duck and no fruit

Sesame cream hanging

Real celfeille of mushroom


· Salmon chrysanthemum fried salmon sweetened

· Eel-molded beef ginkgo shi Matsukaze

· Shrimp and eggplant's sesame spicy mustard hands

· Matsutake mushroom and chrysanthemum soaked diamonds

· Tako Takaaki


· Steaming the pot

Matsutake mushroom shrimp prawns ginko basket


· Sweet and sour pork rolls

Hot Shiso Blue Shiso Seaweed Mountain Ao

【Kotoba standing】

· I like paper pots

Onion Mitsutera Shiitake Mushroom Tofu

【Home comedy】

· Small Snapper Hagaki Grill

Autumn Salmon Nozawa Noriya Gourd-shaped egg

Rice honey vinegar lotus root


· Deep-fried crab Toba

Lotus Root fried tofu Soup noodle

Mai Mush Mai fried fried bean juice

[Things of longevity]

· Akagi Chrysanthemum

Bowl cucumber Yamato Tosa vinegar

【Armor bowl】

· Red Todoke Yuba Young Mitsububa


·Red rice


· Two kinds of flour


· Pear Musume

Pear Koshu boiled yolk cream mint

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