【Join · Compliment】 celebration cherry blossoms 14040 yen (tax included 15444 yen)

【Join · Compliment】 celebration cherry blossoms 14040 yen (tax included 15444 yen)

15444 yen

tax included

Hospitality that will be an important day for both families will be hospitable with Kawaguchi's seasonal cuisine cuisine and superb view from the top floor of the building.You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine that changes every season.It is very luxurious with a baked snapper with red head and red rice.A perfect private room of digging type 142 meters above the ground which is perfect for gifts and meetings can be used from 5 people.It is also available for weddings of up to 40 people.


※ We arrange with ceremonial vessels and decorations.


Odor and orange wine

[With earlier]

· Crab of rice crab and raw vegetables Miso vinegar oil hanging

Lettuce celery cucumber

Autumn-activated red paprika CELFIELL

【Eight Dimensions】

· Fresh sea bream chrysanthemum fried 鮪 Yukke

· 鰈 Chinese fried fried salmon kabushi roll

· Autumn sweet boiled Arima

· Duck loin orange steamed

· Salmon Zero Recipe Cheese New Length


· 鼈 老 老

Shiraki ear earrings carrots

Red onion ginger


· Hirame Yokemaru sweet shrimp

Hot Shiso Blue Shiso Suizenji Mountain Ao

【Kotoba standing】

· I like paper crab crab

Chinese cabbage shiitake mushrooms Kikusa bean curd


· Small Tanba Grilled Tamba

Grilled autumn leaves and grilled chigusori

Rice vinegar picking charge


· Deep-fried snapper

Deep-fried shrimp fish

Shinryu Mushrooms Mushrooms Noodle Soup


· Skin peeling steaming

Blue bean juice yellow paprika and others Ponzu vinegar oil

【Armor bowl】

· Red and Asao Mitsuba


·Red rice


Two kinds of flour


· Papaya 羹 Yolk cream

Melon stone mint

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