Kawagoe Gozen (all 11 items) 5400 yen (tax included 5940 yen)

Kawagoe Gozen (all 11 items) 5400 yen (tax included 5940 yen)

5940 yen


We prepared a great course even for those who felt that the threshold was high until now! It is a course of unrivaled items using seasonal ingredients on a monthly basis! Taste the luxurious feeling together with the spectacular view from 142 m above the ground Please (drinks are 5 to 120 minutes + 2376 yen)



· Ringo


· Crab and lotus root with cheese

Fruit of green lionfish

· Wetland chrysanthemums sesame seed vinegar

White fish chopped blue tang

· Foie gras Tofu spicy delicious juice


· Sea bream azalea sweet shrimp

Chrysanthemum red with red oyster

【Warm items】

· Sweet bream steamed honey

Chestnut Ginkgo Red Bean

Autumn leaves 麩 Silver bean paste


· Grilled beef shrimp with nose

Wakura leaf simmering boiling


· Fried scallion scallion

Public fish blue tang dumpling soup stock


· Autumn sweet potato leaves pickled in red leaves

Onion celery celfeille


· Cracked with crab

Shiraki ear shirts split yuba tree bud


· Honeymoon cooked rice


Two kinds of flour


· Fruits Bavarian

Yellow cream seaweed beads mint

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