【Kannon · Complaint】 Celebration meeting pine 13 products 10800 yen (tax included 11880 yen)

【Kannon · Complaint】 Celebration meeting pine 13 products 10800 yen (tax included 11880 yen)

11880 yen

The food content is monthly change.Zeisakomi

Please taste the colorful gem in a sensation that can be enjoyed a bit.Cooking contents are arranged for celebration, a monthly cuisine cuisine to serve carefully one item at a time.Elegant seasoning is also popular among people of a wide range of age.We are preparing a complete single room digging for you to enjoy the superb view you desire from the 142 m above ground, ideal for gift and face-to-face meetings.Private room usage is from 5 people.


We arrange with ceremonial vessels and decorations.


· Kaobu sake

[With earlier]

· Whiteness of crab and rapeseed

Shrine Shiitake Mushroom Fruit

【Eight Dimensions】

· Simmered boiled sardine of eiyu boiled red plum

· Sipe dumplings fried in yellow

· Fireworks Tree Bud Miso Multipurpose

· Aoi Hayama and soaked dumplings

· Salmon Yoro Vol. Yellow Baked

· Uruui kelp pushed Ikura lemon


· Kaiten noodle

Nina ichi 蕨 蕨 plum ginseng tree


· Hirame eye rings sea shell

Hot Shiso Blue Shiso Blue Nori Oshima

【Simmered food】

· Goose liver tofu duck dumpling

Bamboo Beans


· Kozue Waketake bake

Fish octopus with cheese Needle mountain Ao

Inaho Karara Egg vinegar Lotus root


· Eel and silkworm white beans fried

Kaiten Yuba curd with white decoction

Sprout bud tomorrow leaf green tea salt


· Fumice octopus and lotus root

White hair onion plum meat dressing


【Armor bowl】

· Red itashi sera


·Red rice


Two kinds of flour


·Grapefruit Jelly

Melled strawberry mint

Some contents may differ due to purchase convenience ※.