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【Delivery · Complaints】 Celebration meeting plum 13 plants 8640 yen (tax included 9504 yen)

【Delivery · Complaints】 Celebration meeting plum 13 plants 8640 yen (tax included 9504 yen)

9504 yen

The food content is monthly change.Zeisakomi

  • 13items
  • 250persons
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Please taste the colorful gem in a sensation that can be enjoyed a bit.Cooking contents are arranged for celebration, a monthly cuisine cuisine to serve carefully one item at a time.Elegant seasoning is also popular among people of a wide range of age.We are preparing a complete single room digging for you to enjoy the superb view you desire from the 142 m above ground, ideal for gift and face-to-face meetings.Private room usage is from 5 people.

Course menu

We arrange with ceremonial vessels and decorations.


· Momo wrestling

[With earlier]

· Poached roasted rice

Live sea breams Hui Hisashi Shiso

Delicious bargain soup


· Grilled pepper sauce

· Shrimp gull winding

· Kanoko true length

· Dried grape cheese wrapping

· Children of octopus sesame cream


· Eel winter spicy roll

Sea Somenne Yuba ginger


· Tin Rider

Goldfish Grass Blue Shiso Huge Oshii Aoi


· Potato Bunsaka

Young corn shiitake mushrooms source

【Home comedy】

· Sweet ta-mei-kaki

Duck loins Apple ___ ___ ___ 1

Koara rice cake Yuzu vinegar taking lotus root


· Deep-fried wrapping

Fruit of a tree pine tree Hakata Too mushroom

Bean milk fried bean juice taste salt

[Things of longevity]

Broiled squid broiled squid

Cucumber Starch Soup with Cucumber Princess

【Armor bowl】

· Red and finely chopped potato yamenko three leaves


·Red rice


Two kinds of flour


· White peach milk jelly

Grapefruit 羹 mint

Some contents may differ due to purchase convenience ※.

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