Premium limited ☆ 【Pine Traffic】 13 items 12000 yen with one drink

Premium limited ☆ 【Pine Traffic】 13 items 12000 yen with one drink

12000 yen

The food content is monthly change.Zeisakomi

Please taste the colorful gem in a sensation that can be enjoyed a bit.Cooking content can be enjoyed on a monthly basis.It is a full-fledged kaiseki cuisine popular for entertaining and anniversaries.Elegant seasoning is also popular among people of a wide range of age.Come with luxurious feeling together with the superb view you want from 142 m above the ground! Complete private room available for 5 people.



· Kaobu sake

[With earlier]

· Scallop with scallops and sweet shrimp

Andieve asparagus lettuce

Selfeil orange sauce

【Eight Dimensions】

· Sea Rice Nishikyo Pickled Kawadori Potato Grill

· Shiitake mushroom sea bone grilling floor section Netsaki

· 鮟 steamed liver salt chili vinegar

· Salmon yellow fried fried

· Zero cube marble gift


· Crab crab rice cracker

Yellow tofu gray hair onion Suizenji plum meat


· Hirameokuwaku white marine shell

Windproof fog bone blue shiso mountain Ao

【Simmered food】

· Lotus Root Tofu Eel

Dandruff bean pastilles bean ginger


· Sweet sea bob grilled octopus grilled

Red clamshell grilled unbaked green onion cloth

Golden-vinegar Lotus root


· Fried shrimp potatoes

Shiitake mushroom Toshihisa fried mini aspara

Autumn leaves wholesale juice


· Cod kneading cloth drizzle

Baked shiitake mushrooms cucumber red paprika

Chrysanthemum scattered ponzu

【Armor bowl】

· Red, young cloth, spinach potato


· Crab rice


Two kinds of flour


· Sweet Mummy

Melane Yellow Cream Stone Mint

Some contents may differ due to purchase convenience ※.