【Meishokai】 13 items 8640 yen (tax included 9504 yen)

9504 yen

The food content is monthly change.Zeisakomi

Please taste the colorful gem in the senses with a bit of fun.Cooking content can be enjoyed on a monthly basis.Elegant seasoning is also popular among people of a wide range of age.Come and feel luxurious feeling together with the superb view you want from 142 m above the ground! Complete individual room enrichment.



· Pear

[With earlier]

· Mushrooms tofu

Wetland mushroom slider

Fruit ginger broccoli soy sauce of bacon

【Eight Dimensions】

· 蛤 Chigusu Grilled Sasae Chrysanthemum Deep-fried

· Kaoru Arima boiled bean curd refined pickled vegetable oil

· Kid's body and broccoli needle independent life

· Persimmon and millet white whiting silk

· Salmon winemaking


· Ginkgo tofu ginger fish

Vegetable Autumn leaves carrot aoxifolia ginger


· Hirame Yokogawa

Windblowing blue shiso Suizenji mountain Ao

【Simmered food】

· Kamo dumpling

Kyoto Makoto Bean Yuzu


· Sweet red leaves grilled

Sowa with autumn leaves

Autumn sweet Arima boiled vinegar Lotus root


· Deep-fried potato chopsticks

Deep-fried shrimp fish

Big Mushroom Blue Tang Sesame Salt


· Needle fish with chrysanthemum flower

Chrysanthemum Organic Needle Vinegared Vinegar

【Armor bowl】

· Red and Asao Mitsuba


· Chestnut rice


Two kinds of flour


· Papaya 羹 Yolk cream

Banpaku (papaya) Noodles

Tapioca mint

* There are cases where contents differ depending on the purchase convenience.