【Cherry Blossom Party】 13 items 14040 yen (tax included 15444 yen)

【Cherry Blossom Party】 13 items 14040 yen (tax included 15444 yen)

15444 yen

The food content is monthly change.Zeisakomi

Please taste the colorful gem in a sensation that can be enjoyed a bit.Cooking content can be enjoyed on a monthly basis.Elegant seasoning is also popular among people of a wide range of age.Come and feel luxurious feeling together with the magnificent view from 142 m above the ground! Complete private room enriched.



· Kaobu sake

[With earlier]

· New bamboo shoots bud miso sauce

Shrimp scallion

Chiyo Rousaku Tamaki Ari

【Eight Dimensions】

· Number of buds Number of babies Serum sesame seeds flowers

· Floor section co-grilled cod cake

· Crab winery

· Rape sweet potato wrapping

· Kikuko Arima boiled


· Grilled eyes with scallops

Ginkgo carrot sheet gold leaf yuzu


· Flat eyeball needle fish Peony shrimp

Narcissus blue shiso Kabura osamuyoshi

【Simmered food】

· Bamboo shoots and lobster

Buddhist walnut red bean sprouts


· Ceramic plate grilled beef Misji

Hakushi mushrooms golden needle red paprika

Yamanako Foam Sauce


· Shrimp and white fish scraping fried

Blue Shrimp Mushroom

Rapeseed juice


· Tempered with Masan at the end of Konbu

Colored paper carrot wheat

Barako Windproof Tosa Vinegar

【Armor bowl】

· Red is licked mushroom Yuba Seri


· Tin rice


Two kinds of flour


· An apple millet

Melan Fresh cream mint

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