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[Seasonal limited] 鱧 meeting 10800 yen (tax included 11880 yen)

[Seasonal limited] 鱧 meeting 10800 yen (tax included 11880 yen)

11880 yen

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  • 250persons
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

The season of the volumes is coming! This is a full course meeting with Kawakami boasting sushi paper pot.It is a course that you can fully enjoy lightweight and elegant taste.Taste the luxurious feeling together with the magnificent view from the 33rd floor.It is also recommended for anniversaries, entertainment, courtesies, lawyers and others.

Course menu


·plum wine

[With earlier]

· Poached roasted rice

Live sea breeze 鱧 wind protection delicious soup stock vinegar

【Eight Dimensions】

· Child of octopus wrapped in 鱧 Yawata

· Baked Pepper Princess Kanoko True Length

· Sesame and eggplant with sesame sauce

· Seaweed liver boiled rain

· Pickled miso pickles



Hot Shiso Blue Shiso Mei Meat

【Kotoba standing】

· I like paper pots

Onion Mitsuba Shiitake Mushroom Tofu


· Teriyaki Teriyaki

Hill Hijiki Sesame Orijisama


· Deep-fried sandwich

Bean milk fried bean jam soup


· Vaccination for old age

Fruit cucumber fruit nuts


· Beat-hitting

Sea Somenne Ranpo Plum Meat Tree Buds


· Sweet pepper ginger


· Pear fish parsley

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