【20% OFF after 17:00】 Hisashi Uegawa 11 items 6177 yen / With drinks all you 5 to 120 minutes + 2376 yen

【20% OFF after 17:00】 Hisashi Uegawa 11 items 6177 yen / With drinks all you 5 to 120 minutes + 2376 yen

By using a coupon¥ 6177


  • 11items
  • 250persons
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day 15 of the desired date

Limited discount from 17 o'clock.With special discount, use of the card is impossible.You can enjoy the material which further upgraded Kawagoe Gozen.It is a course of unrivaled items using seasonal materials on a monthly basis! Taste the luxurious feeling in a private room together with the magnificent view from the ground 142 m! Recommended for celebrations, entertaining, etc.(Private room usage will be from 5 people)

Course menu


· Momo wrestling


· Boiled ayu pepper

· Edamame Confucius true length

· Yuba mixed with rice

· Grilled bamboo sauce

· Boiled Ome Honey


· Bonito Bonito Bonito

Goldfish Grass Blue Shiso Sanxi

【Simmered food】

· Simmered beet soup curry

Chicken with rice cracker


· Ceramic plate grill

Mochi pork large asi prawn shrimp

Abalone Mushroom Blue Tang Wholesale Ponzu


· Eggplant eel fried chicken fried

Sweet red pepper spirit Rice root syrup


· Grilled Confucius Nambaruki pickled

White onion wind protection


· Fish Soup

Buddhist split yuba tree bud


· New ginger rice


Two kinds of flour


· Elizabeth melon

American cherry parsley

Some contents may differ due to purchase convenience ※.

Coupon that can be used

  • [20% off after 17 o'clock]
    Party cuisine "Hisashi Uegawa" 11 items 20% off 6177 yen
    5 people ~ Including drinks 8553 yen (tax included)

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking and when visiting
    • Conditions of use

      From 17 o'clock / 1 to 50 guests required (reservation on the day) / Private room usage is from 5 people / meal ticket, no other party combined use / card not allowed ※ All you can drink at 2376 yen plus than 5 people .It is not available in December.

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of June, 2018

2018/06/01 update