Crab 1040 yen (tax included 11880 yen)

Crab 1040 yen (tax included 11880 yen)

11880 yen


A crab meat combo that used plenty of winter luxury ingredients "Little crab".You can taste plenty of luxuries unique to this season, including baked crab, crab sashimi, crab pitcher etc.A private room with night view from the 33rd floor can be seen from 5 to 50 people.



· Strawberries

[With earlier]

· Crab miso tofu crab

Ginger Radish CELFIÉ

【Eight Dimensions】

· Crab true length river pouring cucumber

· Crown make-up cosmetic couple

· Sipe dumplings fried in yellow

· Crab rapeseed whitish


· Crab meat toasta wound

Bud of bud meat ginseng


· Fishbone

Windbud Bud Shiso Vineyard Sankyo Aoi

【Kotoba standing】

· I like paper crab crab

Chinese cabbage chrysanthemum Shiitake mushroom tofu


- grilled crab

Vinegared rice vinegar lotus


· Fried crab three colors

Tomorrow leaf eggplant soup


· Crab and stink of ginger vinegar


· Crab dumplings


Two kinds of flour


· Strawberry yogurt brought

Blueberry sauce

Tapioca mint

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