Fugu party 12960 yen (tax included 14256 yen)

Fugu party 12960 yen (tax included 14256 yen)

14256 yen


The season of Fugu arrived.It is a meeting room where you can enjoy exquisite tiger fugs in full course, such as Tatasu, Fukuro's two-color grill, Fugu Chile, Fugu karako fried and so on.Let's have a blissful time slowly in a luxurious night view from the 33rd floor and a relaxing Japanese room according to the number of people.



Odor and orange wine


· Tataki Tataki

· Tominaki Rape Cake Roll

Tominaga Masazu

· Black bean gold medley

· Simmered duck roast


· Fugu glue

Wakabu bamboo shoot bamboo shoots bud


Te' -

Kabiragi chopped asbestos sesame sauce ponzu


· Grilled chicken with soy sauce

Grilled kettle oil


【Kotoba standing】

· Paper pot pork cutlet

Chinese cabbage chrysanthemum Shiitake mushroom tofu


· Deep-fried chicken breasts

Blue Tang Gejin noodle with gruel


· Kid of golden pigs

Cucumber sea wind protection


· Fu fukushi cooking


Two kinds of flour


· Strawberry pine parsley

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